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10/24/2011: "Food Day"

Food Day October 24, 2011
Food Day seeks to bring together Americans from all walks of lifeā€"parents, teachers, and students; health professionals, community organizers, and local officials; chefs, school lunch providers, and eaters of all stripesā€"to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way.

It means events like this:
-Food Day potlucks at different homes across Alaska.
People will be serving dishes using local ingredients and recipes from cookbooks highlighting native Alaskan cuisine.
-Conference on food deserts and food served at prisons in San Francisco-
-Booth at one of the grocery stores featuring fruits & veggies in Nogales, AZ.
-Undoing Racism Food Event in Ithaca, NY and more

It is all about access to healthy, sustainable food.

Eating Alaska
We just uploaded a revised and updated discussion guide You can download it here.

Just back from a presentation/screening in North American Environmental Education Conference in Raleigh
as screenings happened in Fort Lewis, at Carleton College and in Fairbanks.

More screenings ahead in New York, Philly and beyond.

Ellen Frankenstein, on 10.24.11 @ 15:25AKT