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09/11/2012: "Eating Alaska: a wry search for the "right thing to eat.""

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Headlines and Conversations
There is a lot of news and debate surrounding the environment and food. Statistics reveal a link between climate change and global food prices, waves created by Hurricane Isaac recently exposed oil from the BP spill and headlines proclaim that organic foods are no more nutritious than conventional ones.  In the midst of the headlines, it is great to share a film that asks viewers of all ages to think about how our relationship to food choices and food systems impacts the health of our bodies, our communities and our planet.

Screenings Continue
This summer included talks and screenings at the The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
to students in summer programs from University of San Francisco and Knox College, plus a screening at the Sitka Seafood Festival.

Coming up: a re-broadcast across on Alaska Public Television and a screening at the Slow Film International Film Festival-Brazil, plus use campus, school, public library and community use.

Since finishing the film, we've hosted and encouraged screenings and events with Eating Alaska from Fairbanks and New York City to Croatia and Scotland, shown in churches, film festivals and community halls. We've screened the hour long documentary in theaters with amazing sound systems, school rooms full of teenagers and as part of events with local foods and local speakers, harvesters, nutritionists, elders and educators. Contact us if you'd like to host a screening in your living room, church, classroom or community.

Ellen Frankenstein, on 09.11.12 @ 10:50AKT