Host a Screening

We encourage universities, sustainability groups, living room events, high schools, libraries workplaces, churches, health programs, Slow Food groups and others to screen the film and talk about what's on our plates and where it comes from.

Eating Alaska is available for educational and home use. We sell the film for different prices: one for Institutions and one for Home Use. Institutional/Educational pricing includes Public Performance Rights, while Home Use pricing does not.

If you are an activist organization, community group, church, or other institution or organization, you must purchase the Public Performance Rights. If you have a limited budget, please send an inquiry to The most important thing to us is that you have the film to use as an educational tool. Therefore, we will work with you as closely as possible. The Public Performance Rights any one organization purchases is for your institution only.

Educationl/Institutional Purchasers
If you are purchasing or renting Eating Alaska for use in schools, colleges, universities, public libraries, community groups. non-profits, professional associations or businesses, please visit New Day Films.

If you want to host a community or living room screening, show the film at a festival or theater please contact us and register. That way we can get relevant materials to you and let others know about your screening.

Home/Personal Users
For home video purchases, please click here

NEW! Stream Eating Alaska from New Day Digital!

Want ideas on how to use Eating Alaska in your school or community event? Download our 44 page Guide for Discussion and Use (PDF). This is an updated version. We welcome feedback and want to update the guide periodically to include new ideas and resources.

Download our printable poster (PDF):
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